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In the IT and Defense sector in which we operate, we include value-added competencies such as Project Management, Software Development and Operating System, Network Security and Test Validation Competencies, Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence applications.


TS ISO/IEC/IEE 12207:2018 software lifecycle process certification

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system certification.

  • CMMI compliant project management knowledge and implementation.
  • Waterfall and agile project management.
  • Risk analysis and mythigation studies.
  • Reporting, auditing, transferring learned experiences to projects.
  • Competence to design high-performance firewalls on open systems (Linux, BSD)
  • Detailed information and experience on operating systems (Linux, Windows) and subsystems (Kernel programming)
  • High-scaleness on multi-core systems with dedicated load deployment for analysis task (Processing at least 500 new calls per second)
  • Ability to design multi-thread and multi-process distributed platforms in C/C++ languages on open platforms
  • Expression processing infrastructure that increases efficiency by parsing with common structure for multiple regular expressions
  • Flexible proxy server infrastructure and support for TLS protocol communication control
  • Real-time critical system design, workable package processing infrastructure with an average package latency of 100 microseconds
  • Deep Packet Inspection in IP-based communication (97,000 call analysis capacity per second)
  • Scalable network client blocking engine (IP, IP:Port, Protocol) design
  • VoIP – Real-time infrastructure and redundancy to control the actions of SIP users (99,999% access rate)
  • L2, L3, L4 load balancer solutions
  • Knowledge and experience in the details of Network Protocols and security vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability analysis, penetration tests
  • Infrastructure for stochastic simulation of APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) scenarios
  • Knowledge of web security breaches and their detection
  • Web and VoIP firewall solutions (L2,L3,L4,L7)
  • End-to-end secure mobile messaging solutions
  • Product safety penetration tests, static and dynamic code tests, analysis
  • End-to-end test infrastructure installation, software testing tools development required for test automation and performance, traffic, function and system verification
  • Design competence on Distributed Big Data Processing Platforms
  • Creation of behavioral models of users with machine learning and modeling of these behavioral changes, factor impact analysis for explaining /justifying the change, revision of the decision justified by the rule-based system
  • Auditing of instant operating policies, outlier due diligence and operational management activities in the big data pool and flowing traffic with analytical rule engine and multi-parameter logistics expression platform
  • Machine learning techniques for detecting coordinated attacks such as Unusual Detection, Intuitive Approach Methods, and DDoS
  • Visual and analytical event monitoring and management with comprehensive alarm infrastructure

With the competent staff in the IT sector and eco-system network, it is focused on technology, science and innovation , adding value to the sector; develops products, services and solutions.

Central Address:
Industrial Quarter, Teknopark Boulevard,
1-C block No: 1105 Pendik / Istanbul
Ankara Office:
Mahall Ankara MustafaKemal Mah. Dumlupinar Bulv.
No:274/5/F/2 Central Cankaya / Ankara

0 (216) 256 58 68

Email: –

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