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Test Analysis Service
Web and Mobile Application Analysis
Why Test and Analysis?

Web and mobile applications are increasing day by day, serving in many different operating systems and on different platforms as communication and service services. Within the scope of service privacy, data integrity and service continuity, security measures are considered at every point from design to operation. The services provided by web and mobile applications have a lot of cyberattack vectors as they serve in many different environments.

Since it is important that the applications are reliable in addition to the reliability of the applications despite the attacks within the scope of the protection of personal and corporate data, it is important to report the findings by carrying out the analysis of web and mobile applications with competent staff in rich test laboratories.

What is Test and Analysis Service?

Testing and data security analysis in web and mobile applications; it is carried out by conditioning and analyzing all possible scenarios on different platforms and evaluating the outputs. Within the scope of personal and corporate data protection, vulnerabilities encountered in web and mobile applications and data theft of applications are among the main points that need to be addressed. Traffic analysis, static and dynamic code analysis reveals some risks.

Source Code Security Vulnerability

Using Unencrypted Traffic

Platform-Induced Vulnerabilities Used

Request for More Information than Needed in Installation and Operating

Malware Inclusion

Software Developer Vulnerabilities

How does the Test Lab Work?
Traffic Analysis
Static Code Analysis
Dynamic Code Analysis
  • Anomaly Detection in DNS Records
  • Unencrypted Traffic Detection
  • Hash Analysis
  • Detection of Weaknesses Arising from the Platform
  • Malware Traffic Detection
  • Protocol Detection
  • Analysis of Permissions to Applications
  • Detection of Vulnerabilities caused by The Software Developer
  • Data Theft Detection
  • Detection of Code Blocks Triggered During Application Operation
  • Binary Instrumentation
  • Visualization of Logs
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