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Why Talk? 

Talk is a messaging app that provides your on-premises security and privacy. With this app, you choose where to store your messages and you are in control of your data. Talk provides a new level of security by adding cross-signed device verification to default end-to-end encryption. Talk gives you privacy, security compliance, and integration flexibility.


You decide where your data and conversations are stored. Keep your corporate data.



In addition to end-to-end encrypted conversations, cross-signed device verification keeps your conversations safe.



Secure messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing and all other features; for your team, company, external partners and customers.


Talk is a secure on-premises messaging app. This messaging app uses end-to-end encryption to provide file, photo, video, audio, location, and contact transfers. 

Audio and Video Calls

You can text with colleagues unlimitedly, or you can make one-on-one or group video calls with your teammates for free via Talk with voice and video calling.

Safe Rooms

Group rooms make it easy to stay connected with colleagues. You can securely message and share files, audio, photos, videos, locations and contacts with your workgroups that you can create and name for a specific purpose within your organization, just like in one-to-one chats. It is also possible to make many personalizations, such as changing the room name, customizing or muting notifications.

Smart Notifications

Stay up to date with customizable notifications.

Edit & Delete

You can delete or edit sent messages even if the forwarder sees them.

Fingerprint Protection

Provide an additional layer of security to your chats with fingerprint protection.


You can assign roles to users in rooms and customize their authority in the room.


Messages sent and received through Talk are end-to-end encrypted. In end-to-end encryption in addition to cross-signed device verification, encryption keys are only available on the sender and recipient's devices. The Talk app uses the AES-256 and HMAC-SHA-256 symmetric encryption keys together to encrypt messages while securing user data. 


Talk is distinguished from other messaging apps by having a secure and decentralized communication structure. You control where you store your data and messages, and you can use them comfortably without risk of data mining or access by third parties. You can secure data by running Talk on your own IT infrastructure.  In addition, because messaging is end-to-end encrypted, no third party, including Talk, can access this data.

Minimum System Requirements
Quad Core 1.8-2.4 GHz               500 GB                           8 GB                

Requirements vary by number of people.

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