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Click here to access the interview given by Our General Manager Ugur Cagal in the SPECIAL ISSUE of YASAD on "Digital Transformation and Pandemic in Industry" designed for March with KobiEfor Digital.

Yucel Damgacioglu, our Business Development Manager, was a guest of Şehr-i Gündem program. 

We took our place at the National Cyber Security Summit organized by the Turkish Cyber Security Cluster and its members on December 21-22! We held an interactive seminar at the event attended by Our General Manager Ugur Cagal as a speaker on IoT Security.

In our December interview with Fortune magazine, we discussed our work to make remote working effective and efficient.

With Nettsi, a domestic video conferencing system with support of 5,000 simultaneous users, more than 300 hospitals, universities and associations will continue to communicate cryptographically and freely until the end of 2020. The system, which provides quality service, works on local servers because it does not require installation on the computer.

NetTSI Video Conferencing, developed in collaboration with NETTSI and INTELPROBE from our cluster member companies, is offered free of charge to hospitals and universities for 3 months. 

Nettsi, which is among the domestic video conferencing system developers announced by Presidential Defense Industry President Ismail Demir, offers its video conferencing system free of charge to hospitals and universities as part of the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Mr. Prof.Dr. President of the Presidential Defense Industry at the Sector Summit event of the Cyber Security Cluster of Turkey, of which we are a member. İsmail Demİr, Minister of Industry and Technology Yrd. Fatih KACIR and Head of Digital Transformation Office Mr. Ali Taha KOÇ presented the 'Support for Cluster Studies' award to our General Manager Ugur ÇAĞAL.

With the competent staff in the IT sector and eco-system network, it is focused on technology, science and innovation , adding value to the sector; develops products, services and solutions.

Central Address:
Industrial Quarter, Teknopark Boulevard,
1-C block No: 1105 Pendik / Istanbul
Ankara Office:
Mahall Ankara MustafaKemal Mah. Dumlupinar Bulv.
No:274/5/F/2 Central Cankaya / Ankara

0 (216) 256 58 68

Email: –

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